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Frequently Asked Questions

We use an automatic delivery system therefore, delivery of lol accounts is instant (about 5 seconds). If you don't automatically receive your account, contact us, and we will resolve your issue.

Once you buy a lol account or lol smurf from us you have complete ownership over it for lifetime.

Yes, we offer a Free Lifetime guarantee for all League of Legends accounts bought in our store.

We level our League of Legends accounts by playing with real players, ensuring that each account has at least a 45% win rate, often across various game modes. All accounts come with no bans or restrictions.


About our LoL Accounts

In our LoL Account shop, you can find League of Legends Accounts for sale on many servers and ranks with champions and skins. Find lol Accounts to buy on NA, EUW, EUNE, LAS, LAN, OCE, TR and RU Servers and ranked lol Accounts on Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster and Challenger ranks.

Why are League of Legends Accounts popular?

Because there are tons of uses and benefits for LoL Accounts. Let's List some of them:

Play in the rank you want without losing time. When you buy a ranked lol account, you skip playing with frustrating players for weeks and you start playing your desired rank instantly without having to put the work in or waste time. We have many different league accs in our shop for sale, don't waste time!

Play with friends placed in different ranks. In League of Legends if you want to play ranked with other players you must be in similar ranks (a bronze lol account can't be matched with a gold lol account). That's where LoL Accounts for sale come in. People can buy a lol account that is matching with the rank of their friend/s and play with them without losing time leveling and ranking a new lol account.

Play on different servers. You can buy a League of Legends account to play and test other servers or join friends in North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, Latin America South, Latin America North, Brazil, Oceania, Turkey and Russia.

Make a fresh start with higher LP gains. By selecting the appropriate lol account to buy you can start with an account that has a clean ranked game history, fresh mmr and is already level 30 and eligible for ranked queue. If you buy such lol account (also known as lol smurf) you will be able to start ranking from scratch not only without losing streaks on your back but with higher lp gains because of fresh mmr.

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The reason people choose to buy their League Accounts is simple. We provide a variety of cheap League of Legends Accounts for sale, instantly delivered and covered with a lifetime warranty. You can buy LoL Accounts from many places... still, only we provide the best price for your pocket combined with quality service, fast account delivery and lifetime warranty coverage on every League of Legends Account in our shop.