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Frequently Asked Questions

We use an automatic delivery system therefore, delivery of lol accounts is instant (about 5 seconds). If you don't automatically receive your account, contact us, and we will resolve your issue.

Yes, we offer a Free Lifetime warranty for all League of Legends accounts bought in our store.

Most accounts don't come with rp but you might run into one occasionally.

We level our League of Legends accounts by playing with real players, ensuring that each account has at least a 45% win rate, often across various game modes. All accounts come with no bans or restrictions.


About our LoL accounts for sale

In our LoL Account shop, you can find League of Legends Accounts for sale on many servers and ranks, with champions and skins. You can buy lol Accounts on NA, EUW, EUNE, LAS, LAN, OCE, TR, RU Servers and ranked lol accounts in all different ranks and tiers in League of Legends.

Why is buying League of Legends Accounts popular?

People buy lol accounts because there are tons of uses and benefits for them. Let's list some of the reasons that may lead you to buying a league account:

Play in the rank of your choice without wasting time. When you buy a ready-ranked LoL account, you skip playing League of Legends with frustrating players for weeks or even months to reach your desired rank. When you purchase a league account, you start playing in your desired rank instantly without having to put in any work since we have already done it for you. You can find what you want in our shop, we have many League of Legends accounts for sale, each one with its own unique set of champions and skins ready to be used!

Play with friends ranked lower or higher. In League of Legends, if you want to play ranked games with other players, you must be in similar ranks and that's what makes lol accounts for sale important. People can buy a lol account that matches the rank of their friend/s and play with them without losing time leveling and ranking a new lol account.

Play on different servers. Every league player has wondered about how good players are on other servers and how well they would perform there. When purchasing a lol account is so easy there is no reason to play League of Legends on one and only server. Moreover, if you want to join friends that happen to be on different servers, buying a League of Legends account on North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, Latin America South, Latin America North, Brazil, Oceania, Turkey or Russia server solves the problem.

You forgot your password or got hacked. It's not as common as people think it is, but it does indeed happen. If you wake up one day, and you have forgotten everything about your lol account or even stumble across a hacked account and you no longer have access to it, then the only possible solution is to start looking for lol accounts for sale that are similar or at least good enough compared to the lost lol account. As strange as it sounds, many people quit playing League of Legends after they lose their lol account, while they could've just bought a new one straight away at a very cheap price.

You lost your account from a ban/restriction. If you have been restricted, then your only way out is buying a new lol account to play on. It could be a small ban like low priority queue for an afk match or even a 14 day or permanent one. Nobody wants to wait or stop playing their favorite game for an unlucky moment they had, but if you've been restricted you can't do much else than take on the loss of your account and buy a different lol account that has what you want in it.

Get what you truly deserve in League of Legends. Many players get stuck and have to accept playing with players that are worse than them. Have you ever come across a player and wondered why he is ranked so low? We bet! There are many players in league that have been unlucky with losing streaks or stuck in elo hell and don't play in the elo they truly deserve. When you get stuck you need to do something fast otherwise it is a done deal. If you don't get out and you get stuck even deeper your last chance to play in the division you truly deserve is finding the right lol account to buy. Trying to rank up doomed accounts with humiliating lp gains won't work.

Challenge yourself. League players that are in a better financial situation also tend to buy low or high elo ranked accounts just to challenge themselves or win bets set with their friends. Have you tried playing with low elo players and see how fast you can get out? Have you ever played in master to see how hard it is for you? League of Legends is all about competitiveness, so there is no doubt players wish to test their limits every time they have the chance to.

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What is the right League of Legends account for me?

The right League of Legends account for you to buy depends on many factors. Let's see what factors are the most important to look at when buying a league account:

• Server - League is accessible from different regions across the world. Different servers are available for each region, and choosing the right one is the first thing you should do when buying a league account. Why? Because server affects your ping (how fast your connection is) in game. Also a each server has completely different players and if you want to play with friends you won't be able to if your lol accounts are in different servers.

• Level - Level is gained by playing games and completing daily missions. There is no limit as to how high level your account can be. Level is essential in League of Legends because it determines which game modes are unlocked and available to play. In order to play ranked games, aram games, clash or seasonal game modes in league, you have to be level 30, so you need to make sure that the lol account you buy is at least level 30.

• Rank - Rank is one of the most important if not the most important aspect of a lol account because it displays how good a player is in League of Legends. Rank determines the skill level of players that you are matched to play with and against. Ranking up is not an easy process as you need to invest a lot of time to become better in the game, win more and as a result gain LP points to enter the next league. Ranks in LoL are divided into ten leagues each one representing a different skill level.

• Champions - There are 160+ Champions in LoL. Champions are characters you select to play every game (e.g. katarina, teemo, yasuo etc). Each champion has different abilities, unique game style and requires time to learn. Champions are not easy to aquire as they need blue essence to be purchased or rp points (basically real money). Champion prices can reach up to 7200+ BE so it's understandable that to have many champions it takes a lot of time unless you decide to buy a lol account with champions already in it or blue essence to buy champions of your choice.

• Skins - If you want your champion to look better when you are acing the enemy team, you should've a skin (Skins change champion appearance). You can get LoL Skins for free by opening loot boxes but that takes a lot of time and these skins are random. If you want skins on specific champions you have to buy RP with real money which you might find expensive. So how can you get skins cheaper? Here is the trick, when you buy a lol account that comes with skins, you don't pay real price for the skins as you get them as extra along with the league account you chose to buy, so skins come at a much cheaper price.

• Blue Essence - Blue essence is league’s in-game currency also known as IP (influence points). It is important in League of Legends because you can use it to unlock champions with it. BE is given to you from daily challenges and capsules gained from leveling up. Other than champions, blue essence can also be used to change summoner name (riot id) which costs around 13900 BE. Gathering BE points is a time consuming process and you'll be better off if you start with a lol account which has already some BE or an account that has champions so that you don't have to collect BE to buy them.

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