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What our LoL Smurfs Offer

Fresh Start

All LoL Smurfs are Level 30 and Unranked with Fresh MMR


Climb Faster

Our LoL Smurfs have no ranked history thus LP gains are higher.

Save Time

You save 1 month of leveling to 30. Stop wasting time.



Test different lanes, new champions or different builds


Test different servers

See how good gameplay and players are on different servers

Play with friends

Play with your lower rank friends or friends from different servers



Frequently Asked Questions

We use an automatic delivery system therefore, delivery of lol smurfs is instant (about 5 seconds). If you don't automatically receive your LoL Smurf, contact us, and we will resolve your issue.

Once you buy a lol smurf from us you have complete ownership over it for lifetime. You can change both email & password on all League of Legends Smurfs in our store.

Yes, we offer a Free Lifetime Ban Warranty for all League of Legends Smurfs bought in our store.

We level our League of Legends Smurfs by playing with real players, ensuring that each account has at least a 45% win rate, often across various game modes. All LoL aSmurfs come with no bans or restrictions.


About our League of Legends Smurfs

You can buy safe level 30 LoL Smurfs of your choice on our website. LoL smurfs for sale are unranked level 30 lol accounts, ready to join ranked queue and come with enough blue essence to buy up to 60 champions depending on your LoL Smurf selection. Moreover, our LoL Smurfs have fresh MMR therefore making LP gains higher and climbing the ladder easier. If you are looking to buy a cheap LoL Smurf/level 30 lol account that is safe and has everything you need to start fresh, our website is the best place. Have fun!

Why are LoL Smurfs so popular in League of Legends?

Because there are tons of uses and benefits for LoL Smurfs. Let's List some of them:

  • Climb Faster. Our LoL Smurfs give higher LP gains guaranteed. When you start with fresh MMR in a LoL Smurf you automatically gain more LP since there is no history of ranked games in the account. Climbing is easier in LoL Smurfs and skipping entire ranks is super common among players that win many games in LoL Smurfs.
  • Save time. Skip leveling 1 month every time you need a fresh level 30 LoL Account. When you buy a LoL Smurf you save time since you don't have to start from scartch and level an account to level 30 which takes on average 1 to 2 months. Instead you can use your time to actually focus on your goals.
  • Practice skills. Test different lanes, new champions or different builds. You can practice new champions and builds or even your main champs on your smurf first and then use them on your main account resulting in lower risk of losing important games. A League of Legends Smurf allows you to play the way you want because testing new things and losing in a LoL Smurf is not a big deal.
  • Test different Servers. See how the gameplay and players are in different servers. League Players have always been curious about how different servers are, about what the level of players is like in each rank. Purchasing a LoL Smurf on a server of your choice gives you the opportunity to see and play in different enviroments first hand.
  • Play with Friends. Play with your lower rank friends or friends from different servers. Buying a League Smurf also gives you the benefit of being able to play with anyone from anywhere. If you want to play with lower rank friends or if you want to play with friends from different servers or even transfer to a different server with your friends then LoL Smurfs is the answer.

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