Which LoL account is the best for me?

October 26, 2023

Purchasing a proper LoL account can be difficult, regardless of your level of experience in League of Legends. The right League account for you depends on what aspects of the game matter the most to you. We’ll first look at the different aspects of LoL accounts, and we’ll assist you in determining which League account best suits your game style and your objectives.

Aspects of LoL Accounts:

• Server – League is accessible from various regions accross the world. Every region has a different server, so the first thing you should do when purchasing a league account is to select the appropriate one. Due to the fact that the game’s server influences your ping in game(connection speed). Additionally, every server has a separate player base, so if you want to play League with your friends and your LoL accounts are on different servers, you won’t be able to.

• Level – Gaining level requires completing daily missions and playing games. Additionally, there is no limit to the level of your account. In League of Legends, level is crucial since it determines which game modes are unlocked and can be played. Make sure the LoL account you purchase is at least level 30 because you need to be level 30 to play ranked games, Aram games, clash, and seasonal game modes in League.

• Rank – Rank is an essential part of a League of Legends account, if not the most important one, as it shows the player’s skill level in the game. The skill level of the players you are matched with and against depends on your rank. Ranking up requires a lot of time and effort in order to improve your skills, win more games, and accumulate enough LP points to advance to the next tier. In League of Legends, ranks are categorized into ten tiers, particularly Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger, from lower to higher.

• Champions – League of Legends has more than 160 Champions. Champions are the characters (like Katarina, Teemo, Yasuo, etc.) that you choose to play each game. Every champion has a different set of abilities and a distinct style of play. Champions are difficult to obtain because you have to buy them with blue essence, which is the in game currency or RP points, which is essentially real money. The cost of one champion can reach up to 7200 BE, so it makes sense that acquiring an extensive number of champions requires time, unless you choose to buy a LoL account that already has champions or use Blue Essence to purchase the champions of your choice.

• Skins – You should have skin if you want your champion to appear better when you face the opposing team. Skins customize the appearance of champions and add style to the characters. Although it takes a long time and the skins are random, you can obtain free LoL skins by opening loot boxes. But, if you want skins on particular champions or a lot of skins generally, you have to buy RP with real money , which is expensive. Thus, what is a less expensive way to aquire skins? Here’s the deal: if you buy a League of Legends account with skins already included, the skins you get are actually much cheaper (up to 10 times cheaper), since you don’t have to purchase each skin separately with RP.

• Blue Essence – League’s in-game currency, also referred to as IP (influence points), is called Blue Essence. In League of Legends, BE plays an important role since it can be used to unlock champions, rune pages and change summoner name. You receive BE through daily challenges and capsules that you earn as you level up. Not having blue essence will set you back a few months if you want to buy new champions to test. You’ll be better off starting with a lol account that already has some BE or an account that has champions so that you don’t have to collect BE to buy them, as gathering BE points is a a highly time-consuming process.

So now that you know which aspects have value in a League of Legends account you can make your own decision as to which LoL account you want to purchase. You can find many League of Legends accounts with various aspects for sale in our shop. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can read below which types of LoL accounts are most common and which one would fit you best.

Types of LoL Accounts

1. Standard LoL Accounts or LoL Smurfs:

A standard LoL account is what most new players should begin with. A standard LoL account is Level 30 with every game mode unlocked and unranked meaning it has 0 ranked games played perfect for a new player. Standard LoL accounts are also used by experienced players as LoL Smurfs which means secondary LoL accounts that experienced players use to practice or make a fresh start in their ranking score.

2. Ranked LoL Account

Ranked accounts are perfect for players who are primarily interested in competitive play. These accounts have already completed the placement matches and have a ranked division and MMR (hidden ranked rating) associated with them. If you’re focused on climbing the ranked ladder, a ranked account will save you time and place you in matches with players of a similar skill level.

3. Champions LoL Account

These LoL accounts come with many champions already acquired. A wide selection of champions is a must for League of Legends players who love diversity in the game since each one has unique and different abilities and game styles. As you know, to buy champions in League you need to collect high amounts of blue essence which is extremely time-consuming. If you want to skip this process, buying LoL accounts with champions is your best option.

4. Skins LoL Account

Skins are undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets in all games. In League of Legends, skins are quite expensive, and buying a LoL account that has skins in it comes a lot cheaper than actually buying the skins one by one. The price difference is so big that it makes it worth buying a different LoL account with skins than purchasing skins in your current League account.

5. LoL PBE (Public Beta Environment) Accounts:

The PBE account offers a unique opportunity to test upcoming changes and features before they’re released to the general player base. If you enjoy exploring new content, providing feedback, and getting a sneak peek at what’s on and what comes next in League of Legends, a PBE account is the way to go. Keep in mind that PBE accounts are solely test accounts for new features, champions, and skins and are separate from your main account.

It is worth noting that types of lol accounts are just for guidance purposes and more aspects should be taken into consideration to pick the best lol account to buy. Take into consideration about which aspects you need in a lol account like rank, skins, champions and server.

So which League account is the best for you?

Which LoL account is the best depends on your goals when playing the game. Choose a LoL account that has everything you need after taking into account all the factors, including the server, skins, champions, rank, and anything else that attracts your interest. You can select a LoL account that best suits your needs now that you have a greater understanding of the aspects and typesof these accounts.

In conclusion, the best LoL account for you depends on your needs and your budget. As for the latter one, you don’t have to worry much. We offer LoL accounts for sale in all price ranges from cheap LoL accounts to expensive ones. Whether you’re a new player looking to learn, an experienced League player seeking a competitive edge, or someone who loves exploring new content, there’s an account type that suits your needs. Now that you know which LoL account you want to buy the only thing left is to find the best place to buy it. You can buy your LoL account in our shop right away or if you are not sure which website you should get it from read about why we are the best place to purchase your League of Legends account.