Why is buying LoL Accounts so popular in League of Legends?

October 11, 2023

League of Legends, commonly known as LoL, is a free MOBA game played online. However, many players choose to buy LoL accounts, even though the game is free. In this article, we will analyze everything around LoL accounts for sale and their rising popularity!

What is a LoL Account?

To be able to play League of Legends you first need to create an account like most online competitive games. A LoL account is your portal to your unique in-game identity since you are the only one with access to it with your unique username and password. Some aspects of a LoL account that make it unique and add value to it are server, level, rank, champions, skins, and blue essence. If you want to know more about the aspects of a League account and which LoL account is best for you read our article.

Why do people buy League accounts so much?

Without wasting time, play at the rank of your choice. You may avoid spending weeks or even months playing League of Legends with annoying players in order to get to your ideal rank when you purchase a ready-ranked LoL account. As we have already completed the work for you, when you buy a league account, you can immediately start playing at the rank of your choice without having to put in any more work. We sell a variety of League of Legends accounts, each with a special collection of skins and champions. Come see what we have in stock!

Play alongside friends who are ranked higher or lower. League of Legends accounts for sale are crucial since, in order to play ranked games with other players, you need to be in comparable ranks (for example, a bronze lol account cannot be played with a gold lol account). Instead of wasting time leveling and ranking a new LoL account, players can buy an account that corresponds to the rank of their friend or friends and play with them. Having various LoL accounts makes League of Legends much more enjoyable when playing with friends.

Play on a variety of servers. Each and every league player thought about how good other servers’ players are and how well they would perform against them. There’s no reason to limit your League of Legends gameplay to just one server when purchasing a lol account is so simple. Furthermore, if you wish to play with friends who happen to be on seperate servers, buying a League of Legends account on a server in North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, Latin America South, Latin America North, Brazil, Oceania, Turkey, or Russia addresses the matter

You lost your password or got hacked. Though it’s not as frequent as people believe, it does occasionally occur. If you wake up one day and realize you have lost all access to your LoL account, or find that it has been hacked, the only thing you can do is to start searching for LoL accounts for sale that are comparable to, or at least better than, the lost LoL account. Strange as it may seem, a lot of players stop playing League of Legends when they lose their LoL account when they could have easily purchased a new one right away for a relatively low cost.

You got banned or restricted. You have no choice but to purchase a new LoL account in order to play League of Legends if you have been restricted. A small ban, such as being placed in a low-priority queue for an afk match, a restriction that could last for 14 days or even a permanent one are irreversible. Nobody wants to wait around or give up on their favorite game because of a bad experience, but if you’ve been banned, your only option is to accept the loss of your account and buy a new LoL account with all the stuff you want.

Earn what you truly deserve in League of Legends. Many players run into situations where they have no choice but to play with people who are worse than them. Have you ever seen a player and wondered why he has such a low ranking? We bet! Many League players don’t play at the level they truly deserve because they are unlucky enough to have losing streaks or to be trapped in elo hell. If you don’t act quickly when you get stuck, it becomes inevitable to get out. Finding the appropriate lol account to buy is your last chance to play in the division you really deserve. It will be ineffective to try to rank up in accounts that are doomed with humiliating LP gains.

Play League with different or more champions. When you buy a LoL account it comes with champions in it which means that you can play around and learn each one of them without wasting time to collect blue essence and aquire them yourself. If you want to experience playing many champions in League of Legends then purchasing a League of Legends accounts is a great investment. Getting champions in League is one of the most time consuming processes. It would take years to get all of them therefore it is understandable that players opt to buy LoL accounts stacked with them instead of putting the work in themselves.

Play with skins. Unlike champions, which take a long time to obtain, skins require a large amount of real money! It makes sense that League of Legends charges an amount for skins since the game is free to play and the only way to monetize it is through skin sales. However, purchasing skins directly can be very costly, so many players would rather purchase a lower-priced LOL account that already has skins. The cost difference between buying an account with them and just obtaining the skins directly is substantial.

Challenge yourself and others. Well-off league players also have an urge to purchase low or high-ranked LoL accounts just to challenge themselves or win bets set with their friends. Have you ever tried playing against players with lower experience levels to see how quickly you can rank up? Have you ever tried to play at Master to see how difficult it is or if your good enough? Since League of Legends is all about competition, players naturally want to push themselves to the edge whenever they can.

In conclusion, the popularity of buying LoL accounts as we analyzed is attributed to a diverse range of player needs and desires. Whether it is server, rank, champions, or skins, we have LoL accounts for sale that suit all needs. If you are looking to buy a League of Legends account that will satisfy your needs, you are in the right place. Buy a LoL account in our shop now!