How good are platinum players in League of Legends?

October 11, 2023

League of Legends, a game renowned for its diverse player base, spans numerous ranks and tiers. Among these, Platinum stands as a mid-tier of competitive play, and players in this division possess a range of skills and expertise. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Platinum players in League of Legends and explore what makes them a distinctive group in the game’s competitive landscape.

Platinum: A Mid-Tier Excellence:

Platinum is often considered a mid-tier division in League of Legends, residing above Gold and Silver and below Diamond. Players who reach Platinum demonstrate a considerable level of skill and understanding of the game’s mechanics. Here are some characteristics and attributes that define Platinum players:

1. Strong Mechanical Skills:

Platinum players typically exhibit proficient mechanical skills. They can last-hit minions effectively, utilize their champion’s abilities with precision, and execute combos efficiently. Their reflexes and ability to outplay opponents are notably developed.

2. Understanding of Champion Abilities:

Platinum players tend to have a solid grasp of champion abilities and matchups. They can identify the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen champions and make informed decisions during fights and skirmishes.

3. Objective Control:

Players in Platinum understand the importance of objectives like Dragon, Baron Nashor, and turrets. They often coordinate with their team to secure these objectives, demonstrating sound decision-making and map awareness.

4. Map Awareness:

Platinum players have an improved map awareness compared to lower ranks. They are more likely to keep an eye on the minimap to track enemy movements, helping them make informed decisions and avoid ganks.

5. Communication and Teamwork:

Communication and teamwork are vital in Platinum. Players in this division tend to coordinate better with their team, whether through pings or in-game chat, to execute strategies and secure victory.

6. Consistency:

While Platinum players may not be free from occasional lapses, they exhibit more consistent performance than lower-ranked players. They can adapt to different situations and playstyles, making them a well-rounded force in ranked games.

7. Vision Control:

Vision control through ward placement is another skill that Platinum players often employ. They understand the significance of vision in gaining control of the map and preventing ganks.

8. Ranked Progression:

Many players in Platinum aspire to climb to the next tier, Diamond. The journey from Platinum to Diamond represents a significant step, and players need to further refine their skills and decision-making to make this leap.


Platinum players in League of Legends form a dynamic and skilled group within the competitive landscape. They possess solid mechanical skills, understand champion abilities, and make informed decisions during matches. While they may not be at the pinnacle of competitive play, Platinum players are a testament to the game’s complexity and the diverse skill levels within the community. Whether your goal is to reach Platinum or beyond, this division is an excellent platform for refining your skills and enjoying competitive gameplay.