What rank do i place if i win all 10 placements in an unranked LoL Account?

October 11, 2023

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge into ranked play in League of Legends with a brand-new, unranked account. The question on your mind is likely this: what rank will you place in if you manage to win all 10 of your placement matches? In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities and provide insights into what to expect when you accomplish the remarkable feat of winning every single placement match.

Understanding Placement Matches:

Placement matches are the starting point for your ranked journey in League of Legends. They serve as the system’s way of determining your initial rank. As a new player or someone transitioning to a fresh account, your first 10 placement matches hold considerable significance.

Winning All 10 Placement Matches:

If you manage to win all 10 of your placement matches, congratulations are in order. It’s a remarkable achievement and demonstrates your skill and potential in ranked play. However, while winning all your placement matches is impressive, it doesn’t guarantee a placement in the highest tier or division.

Factors Affecting Your Starting Rank:

The starting rank you achieve after 10 wins in placement matches is influenced by several factors:

  1. Previous Season’s MMR (if applicable): If you’ve played ranked games in previous seasons, your final rank and MMR from those seasons can influence your starting rank. Winning all your placement matches can still result in a higher placement, but it may not be the absolute highest.
  2. Individual Performance: The system takes into account your individual performance in each placement match. Factors like KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists), CS (Creep Score), and other in-game statistics may have a bearing on your placement.
  3. Elo System: League of Legends uses an Elo-based system, where wins and losses have varying impacts on your MMR, especially in the early matches. Strong performance in your early placement matches can result in higher MMR.
  4. Team Performance: Your team’s performance, both in terms of victories and teamwork, also matters. Wins secured through teamwork and objective control can positively impact your placement.

Potential Starting Ranks:

The ranks you can expect to achieve after winning all 10 placement matches can vary. It’s possible to place in high Silver, low Gold, or potentially higher tiers like Platinum if all the factors align in your favor. However, it’s relatively rare to place in the highest tiers (e.g., Diamond, Master, or Challenger) directly from placement matches, even with 10 wins.

The Journey Continues:

Keep in mind that your placement is just the beginning of your ranked journey. Climbing the ranks, improving your skills, and striving for the highest tiers will be your focus as you continue to play ranked games.

In conclusion, winning all 10 placement matches in an unranked League of Legends account is an impressive accomplishment, and it sets you on the path to a promising ranked journey. Your starting rank will be influenced by several factors, and while it may not be the absolute highest, it still offers an excellent foundation for future success. So, put your skills to the test, enjoy your ranked adventure, and keep aiming for the top!