How do Placements work in League of Legends?

October 11, 2023

League of Legends, often referred to as LoL, is renowned for its competitive gameplay, and one of the essential aspects of that competition is the placement matches. These matches are designed to assess your skill level and determine your initial rank in the competitive ladder. In this article, we will delve into how placement matches work in League of Legends, shedding light on this vital phase of the competitive journey.

What Are Placement Matches?

Placement matches are a series of competitive games that you play at the start of a new ranked season or when you enter ranked play for the first time. The primary objective of these matches is to determine your initial rank in the game’s ranking system. The result of these matches helps the matchmaking system pair you with players of similar skill levels in future ranked games.

How Many Placement Matches Are There?

The number of placement matches varies from season to season but typically ranges from 8 to 10 matches. The goal is to provide an adequate sample of your performance, enabling the system to make an accurate assessment of your skill.

Influence of Previous Season’s Performance:

If you’ve already played ranked matches in a previous season, your performance in that season can influence your placement matches in the following season. Winning most of your placement matches can lead to a slightly higher initial rank, while losing a majority of them might result in a lower starting rank. However, your previous season’s rank and performance do not carry over directly into the new season.

The Importance of Early Matches:

The first few placement matches tend to carry more weight in determining your initial rank. If you perform exceptionally well in these early matches, you may notice a more significant impact on your initial rank.

Matchmaking in Placement Matches:

Matchmaking during placement matches aims to create balanced games by pairing you with players who have a similar skill level. This ensures that you are matched against players who provide a competitive challenge. The system tracks your performance in these matches to gauge your skill and place you in an appropriate rank.

Determining Your Initial Rank:

After completing all your placement matches, the matchmaking system calculates your initial rank. The system considers several factors, including your win-loss ratio and your individual performance in each game. Your final rank is determined based on these factors, and you are placed within a specific division and tier, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.

Flex Queue vs. Solo/Duo Queue:

League of Legends offers two main ranked queues: Flex Queue and Solo/Duo Queue. Your performance in placement matches may differ between these two queues. Your rank in Flex Queue does not directly influence your rank in Solo/Duo Queue and vice versa.

The Season’s Starting Point:

Your initial rank sets the stage for your competitive journey throughout the season. Whether you aspire to climb the ranks or simply enjoy competitive play, placement matches serve as a crucial checkpoint to determine where you begin your journey.

In conclusion, placement matches are an integral part of the competitive experience in League of Legends. They provide a fair and balanced starting point for players in each season, allowing them to demonstrate their skills and climb the ranks based on their performance. Understanding how these matches work can help you prepare and strategize for a successful ranked season in LoL.