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OCE Diamond League of Legends Account

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Account has 20 champions
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Diamond LoL Account with 20+ champions and random skins on OCE Server (Oceania) with honor level 2 and Diamond mmr. This lol account is ranked Diamond in the current season and its tier is random and ranges from Diamond 1 (I), the highest tier, through Diamond 4 (IV), the lowest tier. Diamond players in League of Legends are better than 97% of players and are considered highly skilled players so if you are interested to play with the top 3% players you are at the right place. Diamond is the best rank for you if you want to tryhard and play instense, challenging and 200% competitive ranked games. If you want to play League of Legends ranked in diamond elo then this account is for you. Additionally, if you want to play with a friend that is diamond consider buying this diamond LoL account so that when you play ranked you play with similar opponents that match your friend's skill level.

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