League of Legends World Championship 2023 – Dates, schedule and watch live streaming

October 11, 2023

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A total of 22 teams from different parts of the world will be participating in the League of Legends World Championship 2023.

League of Legends is a very popular video game that was created by Riot Games. It is played online with multiple people in a battle arena setting.

The big League of Legends tournament called League of Legends World Championship 2023 is starting on October 10 in South Korea.

In 2023, there will be a big competition called the League of Legends World Championship with 22 teams from different countries.

The next tournament is called LoL Worlds 2023. Instead of the Group Stage used last year, this year it will use a Swiss Format.

The League of Legends World Championship for 2023 has announced its dates and schedule.
Stage means a particular point in a process or a period of time.

Dates refer to specific points in time. They are used to track the order and duration of events.

First round of play.

From October 10th to October 14th

Play-in Round 2 is the second round of a competition or game.

October 15th

Swiss can be simplified as “people from Switzerland. “

From October 19th to the 23rd, and from the 26th to the 29th.

Knockout means when someone gets hit with a strong punch or blow that causes them to lose consciousness or fall down.

From November 2 to November 5, then from November 11 to November 12, and finally on November 19.

In simple words, the 22 teams that made it to the LoL Worlds 2023 event through different regional qualifiers will begin competing on October 10th in the first round called Play-In Round 1.

In Play-In Round 1, there will be two groups with eight teams. They will play in a Double Elimination bracket where all matches are best-of-three games. After the teams finish competing in this round, the best two teams will move on to the next round, and the worst two teams will be kicked out.

In the next round of the tournament, four teams from the first round will be playing. In simple words, the top teams from each group will compete against the second-best teams from the other group. They will play a series of up to five matches to determine the winner. The two people who win in this round will move on to the next round called the Swiss round.

In the Swiss round stage, two teams from the Play-In Stage will join 14 teams that qualified directly to this stage from China, South Korea, North America, and Europe. The 16 Team Swiss System Format will have teams from different regions play against each other in Round 1. In Rounds 2 to 5, the teams will be grouped based on how many games they have won or lost.

In the elimination and qualification matches, teams will play a series of three games. In all other games, teams will play a single game. Teams that win three matches in the Swiss stage advance to the Knockout Stage, but teams that lose three matches are kicked out.

During the Swiss Stage, teams will be chosen based on the initial draw pool. The team from the higher pool will get to choose their side.

In games where teams are from the same group, the winner of a coin toss will choose which team they want to be on.

In LoL Worlds 2023, there will be a last stage called the Knockout Stage where eight teams will compete in a bracket. Teams that can choose which side to play on in the first game are given the advantage of Side Selection. However, in the following games, the team that lost the previous game gets to decide which side to play on.

The schedule for the quarter-finals in the playoffs has not been decided yet. However, we do know that each series will consist of up to five games. Also, the teams getting to choose which side they play on will be determined by flipping a coin.

All the teams that are good enough to compete in the League of Legends World Championship in 2023.
GenG is a team that competes in the Swiss Stage.
T1 is a stage in Switzerland.
KT Rolster is a team participating in the Swiss Stage.
Dplus is a Swiss stage where talented performers can showcase their abilities.
Cloud9 is a stage located in Switzerland.
NRG is a Swiss stage or platform.
Team Liquid is a group of people competing in the Swiss Stage.
JD Gaming is a team participating in the Swiss Stage competition.
Bilibili Gaming (Swiss Stage) is a part of a competition.
LNG Esports is participating in the Swiss Stage of a gaming tournament.
Weibo Gaming (Swiss Stage) is a gaming platform on a social media app called Weibo.
The MAD Lions (Swiss Stage)
G2 Esports is participating in the Swiss Stage.
Fnatic is a team that competes in the Swiss Stage of a competition.
Team BDS is a group of players who are participating in the Play-In stage of a competition.
LOUD (Play-In) is a gaming team that competes in tournaments to win prizes.
GAM Esports is a gaming team participating in the Play-In stage of a competition.
The Whales team will be participating in the Play-In stage.
PSG Talon (Play-In) is a team participating in the Play-In stage of a competition.
CTBC Flying Oyster is a team that is participating in a preliminary round of a competition.
DetonatioN FocusMe is a team that is participating in the Play-In stage of a tournament.
Rainbow7 is a team participating in the Play-In stage of a competition.
Where can I watch the League of Legends World Championship 2023 live.
You can watch the League of Legends World Championship 2023 live on the official YouTube and Twitch channels of the game.

Also, you can watch the 2023 LoL Worlds live on lolesports. com