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Frequently Asked Questions

We use an automatic delivery system therefore, delivery of lol accounts is instant (about 5 seconds). If you don't automatically receive your account, contact us, and we will resolve your issue.

Once you buy a lol account or lol smurf from us you have complete ownership over it for lifetime.

Yes, we offer a Free Lifetime guarantee for all League of Legends accounts bought in our store.

We level our League of Legends accounts by playing with real players, ensuring that each account has at least a 45% win rate, often across various game modes. All accounts come with no bans or restrictions.


About Iron LoL Accounts

League of Legends Iron Accounts are among the most popular and rarest League Accounts for sale. Iron is the lowest rank in League of Legends and often reffered to as elo hell. Players buy Iron LoL Accounts to live the Iron experience, the real elo hell. If you are also looking to purchase Iron League of Legends Accounts then you are in the right place.

Why are LoL Iron Accounts so Popular?

The answer is simple. ELO HELL!

  • The worst rank in League of Legends If you are iron in league then we are sorry to tell you but you are among the worst players in the game. People are looking to buy iron accounts like yours because it is hard to get to Iron. Even if they wanted to, some players can't even reach Iron *yes it is that bad...So that's the main reason why buying ranked Iron LoL Accounts is so popular.
  • Playing with friends that are Iron or Bronze. People buy iron league accounts to play with their lower ranked friends. People starting out in League of Legends could possibly land in these ranks (Iron & Bronze), if you have a friend like that then it is impossible to play with them if you don't have a similar ranked lol account. When you buy an iron account in lol you can play with lower ranked friends and help them learn faster.
  • Practice or Challenges Iron accounts in League of Legends are also purchased to complete challenges or be used for training. If you want to practice a champion, build or game mode then you can easily do that in iron level. If you want to challenge yourself and see how good you are then starting from iron rank is the biggest challenge.
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