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Frequently Asked Questions

We use an automatic delivery system therefore, delivery of lol accounts is instant (about 5 seconds). If you don't automatically receive your account, contact us, and we will resolve your issue.

Once you buy a lol account or lol smurf from us you have complete ownership over it for lifetime.

Yes, we offer a Free Lifetime guarantee for all League of Legends accounts bought in our store.

We level our League of Legends accounts by playing with real players, ensuring that each account has at least a 45% win rate, often across various game modes. All accounts come with no bans or restrictions.


About Emerald LoL Accounts

League of Legends Emerald Accounts are lol accounts ranked extremely high in the ladder of League of Legends. If you are Emerald in League of Legends you are better than 87% of the players playing ranked in LoL. Players buy emerald LoL Accounts to play at a ver high and competitive level in League or have a better/faster start in the ranking ladder. If you are looking to purchase Emerald League of Legends Accounts then you are in the right place.

Why is Emerald Popular in League of Legends?

Emerald is a very hard and competitive rank to reach.

  • High elo Rank in League of Legends. If you are emerald in league then you are considered a skilled experienced player simply because you are in the top 13% of the player base which don't forget is a few million people. People are looking to buy Emerald accounts like yours because it is actually really hard to get to Emerald.
  • Playing with friends that are Emerald. People buy emerald league accounts to play with their emerald ranked friends. You might be ranked lower or higher than emerald at the moment but if you have a friend that is already emerald then it is impossible to play with them if you don't have a similar ranked lol account. When you buy an emerald account in lol you can play with emerald ranked friends and have more fun.
  • Tryhard Practice or Challenges Emerald accounts in League of Legends are also purchased to complete challenges or be used for intense practice. If you want to practice a champion, build or game mode and you are looking for it to be very challenging and hard then emerald is the rank for you to practice.