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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

It should take 2-5 minutes for an account to be delivered by our system. If you haven’t received your account within 10 minutes after purchase please contact us and let us know.

Yes, you can change both email and password of an account to yours instantly after purchase.  

Don’t worry! If your account gets suspended within the warranty time frame we will replace it with a new one for free. Of course if the reason your account got suspended is caused by your actions (toxicity, scripting etc.) we will not cover the cost.

If you haven’t received your account yet you need to simply contact us, we will make sure resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Warranty cover starts once you buy a League of Legends account. From that moment and on if anything happens to your account we will fix it or replace it with a new one for free.

If you face that issue the only thing you would need to do is contact us.

Not covered? Ask your Question

We understand that we may have not covered you completely with our answers. Feel free to ask us anything!